The different types of cars

Are you thinking of buying a car at your local car dealer but cannot decide which one to get? Then reading this article might actually give you an idea of what models fits you and your needs.

As you know, there are a variety of cars out there. For the purposes of this article, lets simplify car models into these categories: sedans, pickups or trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs. We will discuss each one and then we will attempt to sub-categorize each briefly.

Sedans are the most common vehicles you'll see on the road. It usually has separate compartments for the engine, passengers and cargo. The Honda Civic, Impala, Focus and the Corolla are considered sedans.

Sedans can be subcategorized into muscle cars, convertibles (AKA roadsters or top-downs) and hatchbacks. Depending on its design and make, the sedan can be suited for anyone. These are autos specifically designed to be fast and stylish. These models commonly employ aerodynamics and are installed with high-powered engines for them to go from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds. Specific models of this type of sedans are the Camaro and the Mustang.

Convertibles on the other hand, are basically the autos that allow you to take the roof off. No, you wont get rid of your roof. It just gets tucked in nicely in its compartment. Convertibles are also considered fast and fashionable. Examples of this type are the Boxster and the Corvette.

For hatchbacks, the roof continuously slopes down the base of the vehicle allowing more room for cargo. Car models like the Civic and the Focus usually have a hatchback counterpart with the cargo compartment being the only difference.

Pickups, otherwise termed as trucks, are great for people who like hauling in cargo and pulling in heavy loads. It features a cargo bed which allows for more room and space. You can also install a hitch that will allow you to tow heavy cargo that cannot fit in your cargo bed. The Silverado, Sierra, and the F-150 are typical examples of a pickup truck.

SUVs are a crossover between the two. It is designed similarly to a station wagon (another variation of a Sedan) but is designed with the chassis of pickups. SUVs are great for people who like to do off-road driving as it usually employs a 4x4 feature. This means that you have more control of the wheels of your vehicle. Common SUV examples are the Escalade, Tahoe, Land Cruiser and the Expedition.

A lighter version of an SUV is called a crossover. Crossovers lean more toward sedan features than the hauling capabilities of a pickup. The usual crossovers we see are the Rav4, the Equinox and the Santa Fe.

Of course, there are more subcategories of cars other than the ones mentioned but these are the most general and common among them. We hope that by reading this article,we were able to help you in choosing what car is most suitable for you. After all, you are what you drive right?