Lawyers in Government

Hats off to those who managed to survive law school and to those who are still surviving it. Truly, the path to becoming a lawyer is no joke. However, lawyers have one of the most flexible career options right after they pass the bar exam. They can enjoy both fortune and prestige in their careers. Laws protect our rights and govern a big part of our lives. Also, a lot of actions need approval from lawyers before they can be executed.

One of the popular career options for lawyers is to become a public defender. This is a chosen path for the vast majority of lawyers because of the benefits that come with it: regular working hours, job security, and extremely valuable legal experience. Public defenders cater to people that need legal services but cannot afford a private lawyer. It may not be the most profitable occupation but for those who really have passion for law, it gives them a sense of fulfillment to provide justice to those who cannot afford it.

There are many ways that a lawyer can become a public defender. The traditional option is to work in the public attorney's office. Lawyers in this field usually handle criminal cases. Eventually, with enough experience, the public attorney can become a public prosecutor. The public attorney's office is still suffering from low pay and an overload of cases per lawyer. However, working on criminal cases for the public really enriches a lawyer's expertise because of the diversity of clients and their cases. The wisdom formed in the process can prove to be very valuable to a lawyer down the line.

Lawyers are also needed in other government agencies aside from the public attorney's office. The lawyers who work in an environmental government agency assist the agency in activities such as securing permits for properties, dealing with the terms of contractual employees, and fighting the flaws of illegal waste management.

Lawyers with sufficient knowledge in the international laws can even take on jobs in international NGO's such as the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Association of South East Nations (ASEAN), World Trade Organization (WTO), and organizations with the same nature. Lawyers in this field primarily focus on human rights, treaties on trade among nations, and political and economic development in each country with respect to the entire world.

Lawyers in the realm of government and non-government agencies tend to do a lot of work but they do not exactly get the highest pay. However, the experience makes them become the best of lawyers. They can most likely qualify for an esteemed position in the Justice Department. The exposure will also benefit them, even if they decide to shift gears and try private practice.